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zoom meeting with archival group to discuss the launch event in Kassel on 12th of April 2022 and conclusion of the project, 21 February 2022

pick-up of archival material from Cornelia's studio, 8th of April 2022

zoom meeting with Birgitta Coers, director of documenta archiv to discuss final amendments to the donation contract, 10 February 2022

phone call with Dorcas Müller, ZKM, regarding the digitization contract, draft contract sent to ZKM. Agreed to send tapes to ZKM beginning of January 2022. Expected end of digitization process early April 2022, 16 December 2021

phone call with Nora Sternfeld. Agreed to me in Hamburg 10 January 2022, 16 December 2021

zoom meeting with Anna Schäffler to discuss text contribution to Networks of Care booklet, 1 December 2021

meeting with archive group to discuss the finalization of the project, 30 November 2021

Malin & Co working on inventory in Celle, completing timeline & reworking spreadsheet, 22 & 23 November 2021

Malin & Co meeting in Kassel at the d_archive, with Birgitta Coers and Saskia Mattern, 18 November 2021

Public event at ruruHaus in Kassel, "A Situated Archive of the Old Boys Network and its Discontents. Talk with Cornelia Sollfrank, 2 September

Malin & Co working on inventory in Celle, new classification, reworking spreadsheet, 29 July 2021

invitation by archive director to participate in event in September, Manual of the Dying, ruruhaus, Kassel, 28 July 2021

visiting documenta archive in Kassel, Carina & Malin (Co is prevented for private reasons), discussion of spread sheet & some formalities (see report from Ca+Ma) 6 July 2021

continue working on Inventory form with Andrea, 25/26/27 May 2021

archive working group (Co, Ca, Ju), start working on the Inventory form, 14 May 2021

archive working group, timetable and work packages, 7 May 2021

short project description to documenta archiv and request for practical advice, 29 April 2021

internal workshop with guests, 24 April 2021

public event at ngbk, 23 April 2021

first meeting with documenta archive director Dr. Coers, 20 April 2021

prep meeting with Dusan Barok (rec.), 16 April 2021

Interview Cornelia by Malin, 15 April 2021

prep meeting with Mela Dávial-Freire (rec.), 1 April 2021

prep meeting with Michael Hiltbrunner (rec.), 1 April 2021

prep meeting with Laurence Rassel (rec.), 26 March 2021

working group, online meeting, 16 March 2021

working group, online meeting, 15 December 2020

Email exchange Michael Hiltbrunner, archive consultant, ZHdK, Zürich, 14 December 2020

working meeting Networks of Care, online, 4 December 2020

Initial conversation with Laurence Rassel, 3 December 2020

First meeting in Celle with Malin, Celle, 27 November 2020

Interview Cornelia by Anna Schäffler, online, recorded, 23 November 2020

First team meeting in Hamburg (HfbK), 26 October 2020

Oral Histories for the OBN archive