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OBN Timeline

The OBN timeline gives an overview of the events that were relevant for the networking activities of OBN. As the categorization of the OBN inventory also goes along events, this timeline serves as a reference for the specific events. It lists the date, title, location, and participants of each event and also provides a description as well as a link to an online resource if available.

The period of recorded events not only includes the core time of OBN activities (1997-2001), but also extends to the time before as well as after. The events before 1997 are relevant because they laid the foundations for the international networking activities that followed. The four events after 2001 include an exhibition of OBN works in Spain and an attempt to continue the previous networking activities with a focus on sound.

As all former members of the Old Boys Network had –and still have– an extended individual practice independent from the network, we have decided not to include individual talks, presentations, exhibitions, publications and artworks in this timeline. If related to any of the OBN events, individual works have been included in the inventory.

Basically, we distinguish between three different kinds of events. Firstly, there are the events organized and run by OBN themselves (printed in bold letters and with pink background). Secondly, there are events which have been organized by somebody else who invited OBN to make a contribution or where OBN made an intervention (purple background). And lastly, there are external events that several members of OBN have attended. These kinds of events mainly served as networking meetings; they helped to make new contacts, to spread the word about cyberfeminism and invite people to collaborate.

9 December 2021